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Goth - Alternative lifestyle

Goth is an alternative lifestyle that has gained popularity in recent decades. It involves a style of dress and aesthetic that is inspired by Victorian and Elizabethan eras and also by fantasy and horror genres. It emotionally focuses on dark romanticism, an acceptance of death, and a fascination with the unknown. A distinguishing feature of Goths is an appreciation for all things gothic-looking, such as Victorian-style architecture, dark clothing, and gloomy music. Adherents to the lifestyle not only dress and act differently, but also have different values and beliefs. Some Goths are atheist, some follow Satanism, and other's are Wiccan. Goth music often incorporates elements of industrial, electronic, and ambiant music with lush synths, dark lyrics, and emotionally charged vocals. Goth clubs and events are often underground gatherings that feature Goth music, art, and fashion. The Goth scene is known for its acceptance of those who are different or considered to be outcasts. It also provides a sense of identity and a community of like-minded people for its members. For some, the Goth lifestyle isn’t just a hobby or transient episode - it is a way of life.

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